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Self-Reliance on the Path of Compassion, free of extremes, violence and hatred in all their disguises Learn from the soil up, from egg to hen, from seed to harvest, from distraction to concentration, from outcast to out-of-this-world. True Wealth is counter- culture, walking to the rhythm of your own heartbeat, ditching the trends to discover what is real and brings happiness and peace.


Happy, Healthy. Happiness begets happiness. Health doesn't come from herbicides and pesticides or closets filled with debt or animals suffering on industrial prison farms. Happiness doesn't arise from externals. Wherever you are, you can begin to make the changes to discern for yourself, to see your own causes to realize the pain you are accustomed to, and to begin to live well and let live well. This is a cause for happiness.


Immunity-Building and Heart Building. Research shows that our immunity depends on a healthy intestinal tract. When we pump up our bodies with caffeine, refined grains, alcohol and sugars we destroy the opportunity to sustain our own health and welfare. We trade our health for junk food, for stress, inflammatory conditions and anxiety; in essence enriching our oppressors, the companies in the business of making junk seem like happiness to an ignorant public. Healthy mind = Healthy Heart.


The Secrets of Self Reliance and Voluntary Simplicity

Karuna Yana, the newsletter, brings you the secrets of true wealth which can never be diminished: inner peace and self reliance on the Path of Compassion. If you are thinking about ditching it all for voluntary simplicity, subscribe today.

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