Mindfulness & Meditation Training

Mindfulness & Meditation Training


Buddhist Counseling, Mindfulness &Meditation

The Path of Compassion is counter- culture; living to the rhythm of your own heartbeat, ditching the distractions, letting go of the battles to discover what is really real. It is never too late to train the mind for peace regardless of the life one has lived.


Peace knows no boundaries. It is free from measures and attachments. It is free from the past and the future. Wherever you are, you can begin to make the simple changes in perceptive awareness to discern conditions for yourself, to see your own causes, to realize the causes for inner peace. Mindfulness and meditation training will ease your heart and bring you clarity.


This is your Journey. Establish inner peace. Ease your heart worries. Let go of your burdens. This is it.


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Karuna Yana is the Path of Compassion

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Voluntary Simplicity

Wherever and however you are training in mindfulness and meditation now, will prepare you for the greatest journey you will ever undertake. Life. Living.

This is your Journey. Are you ready for this?

Few of us are. We are indoctrinated to have fun, take pleasure, follow passions, consume mindlessly...  be more, do more, eat more, own more .... we fill our minds with a myriad of distractions, worries, perceptions and burden our hearts in ways that obstruct inner peace.  

Now is the time to let go and to realize a state of contentment and inner peace, regardless of what your past has traversed.  

I founded Karuna Yana, the path of compassion, to teach meditation and mindfulness skills Online. It is a way of living toward voluntary simplicity It may seem daunting but it is never too late to learn to let go, and to be at peace. It's your Journey. Live it.