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Voluntary Simplicity and Mindfulness

Karuna Yana

What does it mean?

It means the path of compassion in Pali, the language of the oldest existing Buddhist scriptures. Compassion is one of the four limitless abidings- mental states that are of immeasurable benefit to us and to the world. The other three are kindness, generosity and equanimity.

Who am I?

In 2010, after losing my dearest aunt,   godfather and godmother to cancer, in the space of 18 months I walked away from worldly life and "went forth" the term for ordaining in the Buddhist tradition. I ordained as a Buddhist nun (Bhikkhuni) in 2012. This past year, I additionally ordained as a nondenominational minister. I have been a meditation instructor since 2011: self- taught and self-realized yogi. 

Distance Learning

While the ideal place to train in mindfulness and meditation is in a disciplined retreat setting, we can start wherever we are. I teach voluntary simplicity as a spiritual practice along with mindfulness. These are both precursors to meditation which can also be taught Online.


There is no fee for any service provided. All help is offered freely as is the tradition within the Theravada Buddhist school. As you will know however, nothing in life is free and it takes resources to provide these services. In order to continue providing these trainings  to everyone who requests them, donations are gratefully accepted. Thank you.