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Voluntary Simplicity and Mindfulness

Voluntary Simplicity and Mindfulness

Voluntary Simplicity and Mindfulness Voluntary Simplicity and Mindfulness


It's not just a trendy word. It's a tool that, when correctly used, helps us to discern our habitual reactions and distractions by way of present moment awareness. With this awareness we can begin to understand how we think and how we react to feelings and perceptions. We are enslaved by habitual reactions. Mindfulness is the first step to realizing what it means to be truly free. And this, by way of meditation. Until we understand how our mind flees from one subject to another, like a wild monkey flying through the forest canopies in mad abandon, we will not be able to slow down our thinking or recognize the internal monologues that color our perceptions. We will be imprisoned within our thought world and not be truly free.

It's a gradual process but it's no mystery. I will assist you with the right tools, with the necessary mindfulness, to begin meditation in as little as two weeks. 


Mindfulness Training and Meditation

Meditation has many benefits but we will focus on awareness, inner stillness and realization. This is the Buddha's Teaching for Awakening. There are two basic methods of  concentration in the Buddha's dispensation: vipassana and samatha. While there are many who see concrete and irreconcilable boundaries between them and many who adhere to one method and shun the other, I teach Jhana (samatha)  which naturally includes  vipassana by way of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipatthana).


Voluntary Simplicity

Letting go of the clutter prepares the mind for letting go. First we get rid of what we don't want, what we don't like and then we begin to let go of the unnecessary which we may be attached to. Voluntary simplicity is a life of generosity toward all sentient beings and toward their futures. We take care of this planet by consuming minimally. Not depriving ourselves of the fruits of our labor but not indulging in wasteful distractions that eventually pile up in landfills. 

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Samma Samadhi (Right Concentration) 

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