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Baby Neo when he was at the kill pem.
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The Path of Compassion and Horse Rescue

The United States banned horse slaughter in 2007 but that didn't end horse slaughter. 

Save a Horse

Over 6,000 healthy, sound Horses are sent to Mexico to be slaughtered from the U.s.every month.

Babies (foals), seniors, pregnant mares, retired police horses, wid mustangs, healthy young horses with impeccable manners, mules, donkeys, burros, mini horses, wild mustangs and lead-line party ponies: no horse is safe in the United States from being shipped to slaughter. 

It is easy to slip into the  slaughter pipeline.  Horses aren't seen as sentient beings by the kill buyers haunting the aisles of American horse auctions.  They can buy cheap, or they can compete with horse buyers because rescue groups  pay the bail of the horses they can save with individual donations. Sadly, the horses saved from the kill pens,  are merely the tip of the iceberg; 57,988 horses were given a one way ticket to Mexico in 2017.

While no animal should be killed in a slaughter house anywhere, horses are prey animals with a very powerful flight response when fear is provoked. They break bones, stampede and trample each other. They lose eyes on a long crowded transport trailer without food, water or rest. They suffer failed attempts at being killed multiple times. Sometimes they are skinned and dismembered still alive. Those wielding the stun guns and machetes are human beings but their actions are not the actions of human beings. The killers act like  demons. Saving the horses bound for slaughter to Mexico (or Canada) will not only save their lives, it may save some shippers and killers of a fate worse than death because their actions will not be completed. 

Karuna Yana  extends its mission to save the lives of as many horses as possible and placing them in loving homes. We find healthy horses in kill pens throughout the southern United States with potential to live long and happy lives with  human angels, and raise funds to pay their bail, their quarantine, their transportation and medical fees to place them in loving homes with caring people. 

Please consider donating to save a horse today. As little as $20 will go toward the rescue of a horse facing slaughter. The donations are pooled until we have enough to rescue and transport a horse to our paddocks in north Florida or to a quarantine facility that is reputable and closer to the location of the horse. Once passed quarantined and vetted and assessed, the horse is then placed into an approved home under a no auction, no sale contract to protect him or her from ever going through another dangerous brush with a human demon.


A tag number to identify a horse at a kill pen.
A tag number to identify a horse at a kill pen.

in January 2019 the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H.R. 961) was introduced in the U.S