Mindfulness & Meditation Training



Ministerial Counseling

Private meetings with you to discuss your situation, and how that is feeling and manifesting in your day to day experience. This is not a medical call. I am not a licensed medical practitioner. This is a ministerial visit. I'm an ordained minister and a Buddhist nun.

This is our beginning together on your journey. After your free consultation, if it is decided to continue, we will discuss the trainings in the scope of your own unique situation. 

Mindfulness Training

After the initial visits, we will set aside once or twice weekly meetings focused on mindfulness training. This will merge with meditation training at the right time for you to continue. 

Meditation Training

Once or twice weekly meetings focused on meditation with email/ text support. 

Hospice Meditation FAQs and Fees

Any of the above services are available to you to try. There is never any obligation. Karuna Yana is made available to you free of fixed costs. There are costs involved however and we accept donations to help cover those costs and keep these services available to all who request them. 

Initial phone consultation is free and there is never any obligation. 

Ministerial Visit - 1 hour as needed and our scheduling (yours and mine) allows to discuss whatever you need to discuss.

Transitional Counseling  - half hour meetings as needed. These meetings are focused on your own journey toward transition. Group or individual meetings are available.

Mindfulness Training 60 minute group meetings, by way of our virtual classroom. Individual meetings are available.

Meditation Training 60 minute group or individual meeting. Guided meditation.

Please note: I am not a doctor or a medical professional. I'm an ordained Buddhist nun and an ordained nondenominational minister. I will not go against your care team's recommendation but will work with your care team and family.